Freedom not Fear 2019

 Die Anmeldung zu dieser Veranstaltung ist abgeschlossen

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WARNING: All subsidised places are sold out - however, you can give it a try and register for the waiting list.

In case of cancellations, you will receive a mail where you can confirm your participation status from "waiting lst" to registered!

From 8 to 11 November 2019, internet and human rights activists from all over Europe will meet at "MundoB" in Brussels for the Freedom not Fear Barcamp.

At you will find detailed information about this event. Important: You don't need to register to participate at the Barcamp, and the Barcamp is free of charge (including lunch at MundoB).

Travel allowances

Thanks a lot to the Members of Parliament, who are supporting us with their travel allowance budgets: Patrick Breyer (DE Pirates respectively Greens), Alexandra Geese (Greens), Karen Melchior (Renew Europe), Mikulas Peksa (CZ Pirates respectively Greens)!

If you register here, and take part in an official visit at the European Parliament on Monday, 11 September (10:00-11:30 h), you can receive a travel allowance and book a hotel accomodation, close to the venue.

Click "Register" to see the details!

08.11.2019 16:00 bis 11.11.2019 12:00
Mundo B
Rue d'Edimbourg, 26
1050 Brussels
Accomodation Option:
1 person in a double room/two bed room 195,00 €
Single room 320,00 €
REDUCED PRICE (limited availability, only for those who otherwise couldn't afford to participate):
1 person in a double room/two bed room
130,00 €
No hotel accomodation - self organised 30,00 €
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